Developing Open Educational Resources and Blended Modules for Agriculture and Rural Development

Project No: 2015-1-MK01-KA202-002855

Length: 30 months

Start date: 01.10.2015 End: 31.03.2018

Value: € 146.173,00



Other extension professionals, along with other agricultural producers will attend at the one-day multiplier event, on which presentation of new created IT and OER tools will be presented. This way they will have the opportunity by first hand to see & hear about the project activities & results. Hence, they'll be able to go through the same process as the project direct beneficiaries did, only in much shorter time-frame. However, given the opportunity to exchange experience with the persons who had actually attended the blended courses or participated in the creation of the IT & OER outcomes is a unique chance to communicate and receive first-hand feeling about this project's contribution to the creation for conditions for upgrading the way agriculture is practiced and the conditions for improving the quality of life in the rural areas, thus contributing to the Rural Development.

The five project management meeting organized at the Agriculture University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, was with the main aim to meet the management team and to discuss about the project activities report and financial issues. >>more<<

Online Calculator for Fertilizer Use

Databased Online Calculator is expected to make a difference in introducing Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) in Macedonia. This on-line tool will provide recommendations based upon existing data on soil types, pre-crops, next crop nutrient demand, application of organic matter and other factors that determine should a fertilizer be applied and in which amounts.

Online Pesticide Database

The OPD will be free of an Open Resource Character thus providing conditions to be available to any interested party. It is to be emphasized that the data base will be accessible with IT tools operating on Windows, iOs or Android platform, thus becoming accessible even from the field.

Train of trainees

After the training process is complete, each of the participants will be obliged to conduct a series of training s for the target group they represent i.e. extension agents, agricultural producers.