Developing Open Educational Resources and Blended Modules for Agriculture and Rural Development


2018 March 23 - 24 / Kavadarci, Macedonia
Last dissemination of project results

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2018 March 16 - 17 / Berovo, Macedonia
Dissemination of project results

2018 March 11 - 13 / Stip, Macedonia
Final project meeting with project coordinator partners

2018 March 02 - 03 / Strumica, Macedonia
Dissemination of project results

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2017 Sep 24 - 26 / Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Fifth project management meeting

2017 Apr 09 - 12 / Bitola, Macedonia
Fourth project management meeting

2017 Jan 30 - Feb 03 / Chania, Greece

2016 October 03 - 07 / Chania, Greece
Another set of activities

2016 September 26 - 28 / Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Project Management Meeting

2016 May 23

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2016 May 15 - 21 / Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Course 3 - Integrated Pest Management on vegetables and continental fruits (apple, pear) and grape (table&wine)

Back on tracks / 04-02-2015

  • It may have looked we’re quiet, but on the contrary. Much has been going on during these three months.
  • - Firstly, the Lead project management team had successfully established communication with scientific staff from the Faculty of Agriculture. As indicated in the Outcome 1, there are 5 OER that will be developed. Professors from several departments of the Faculty of Agriculture are already composing their teams in order to prepare themselves for this task.
  • - Secondly, open communication channel has been established with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Phytosanitary Department. Once the collaboration was established we’re regularly receiving registries on the pesticides and fertilizers that have obtained permit to be used in the Republic of Macedonia.
  • - Thirdly, scientific staff from partner institutions in Chania and Plovdiv are already engaged in preparation for the training courses that will take place in due time.
  • And finally, in due time project partners who are beneficiaries to this project will start selecting individuals who will attend the First course on IPM in April.

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