Developing Open Educational Resources and Blended Modules for Agriculture and Rural Development


NOV 20, 2015
Aiming to provide means for improvement of human capacity this project will contribute to the creation of critical number of experts and on-line OER tools that will provide service to farmers and rural community in order to increase their agricultural production, but to become aware on the necessity for environmental protection as well.
Groups of extension specialists in plant production and plant protection, along with organic farmers will be exposed to the foreign experiences in applying Integrated Pest Management and Organic farming principles on a farm level. HEI, members of this consortium will join forces in order to create short-term courses on most important IPM and Organic principles which will be practical know-how transfer.
Furthermore, experts from the consortium member institutions will join forces to develop and upload on-line calculator for applying fertilizers in accordance to the crop specifics as well as to develop and upload pesticide data-base registered for use in the Republic of Macedonia. This will be accessible through Windows, iOs and Android run devices.